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MOD 1 Firearms Custom built Glock 43

Published on 11 May 2018 / In People & Blogs

In this video we show off our new custom Glock 43 built by MOD 1 Firearms. This was a great shooting little handgun when we first got it and started testing it, but now it's absolutely amazing! What, you don't believe me? Well listen to this, while we were out visiting our friends over at Homeland Guns, we decided to see just how far we could push our new custom Glock 43 that we had just picked up form MOD 1 Firearms. Our friend officer Yeti volunteered to be the one to take on the insane task of shooting three targets all in a row with out any misses. the steel silhouette targets were placed at three different distances. The first target was set at 85 yards, the second 105 yards, and the third 135 yards! The thing you have to remember is this is a subcompact less then 3.5" barreled handgun, this is not an easy shot by any means of the imagination, and to do it consecutively with out any misses is truly something special. I you would like to have MOD 1 Firearms do a custom gun for you please visit their website at: http://mod1firearms.com
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